Thursday, March 24, 2016

Walking Through Time

I spent the remainder of my time in Calgary taking in some of the buildings that I didn't see of photograph during my previous trip.  Calgary might have a large number of office buildings per square foot of its downtown core but it also sports some wonderful little historic gems as well.  The number of buildings dating from the 1880's up to the end of WWI is actually  quite impressive and I only wish I had had more time to see more of them as I know what little I say only began to scratch the surface.

Knox United Church 1912

Central United Church 1904

Bank of  Nova Scotia 1930

 Imperial Bank of Canada 1886

Bank of Montreal 1932

Alberta Hotel 1886

Historic Stephen Avenue.  I did my best to identify what I could remember.  Generally, most of the buildings  along this stretch were early businesses and remain so to this day.  The building on the far right is the Jacques Jewellery Store, dating from 1893. Next to it sits the Merchants Bank Building, 1889, the white building just past the lamp post I believe was a Bank of Nova Scotia (1904), now unfortunately covered in metal siding.  The building past that is the Calgary Herald block, built in 1887.

Starting from the right, we have the Calgary Herald Block, 1887, Lineham Block (2nd from right), 1889, and the MacNaghten Block (3rd from right), 1888

More historic gems.  Not the best lighting or angle which makes identifying individual structures a bit tricky.  The first structure is the old Imperial bank shown identified above.

Molson's Bank 1911

Grain Exchange Building 1910

Palace Theatre, 1921

Inside the Palliser Hotel, 1914

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