Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Conspiracy Afoot

If I wasn't such a logical thinker (or at least I like to fancy myself as one) I might be forgiven for thinking there was a conspiracy afoot.  The washer, my bookshelf (or lack thereof, to be more accurate) and even the provincial government seemed to be in cahoots regarding my overtime.  (Honestly, I'm NOT a government conspiracy nut... a self-professed political geek, yes but a surly anti-government Albertan, no).

Ah overtime,  it's rather like hen's teeth these days given the current economic volatility.  But it does exist, even if it doesn't make its presence known as much as it once did.  I haven't worked overtime in so long I can actually still remember the last time I did.  Almost to the exact day, back in late October of 2014.  Ouch.

But given the sum of everything, I really have no right to complain.  I know I'm not hurting as much as a lot of other people here and for that I am very grateful.  But overtime appeared (knock on wood) on the ephemeral overtime horizon this coming weekend and I put in for as many days as my employer sees fit to give me.  Five days would be amazing.  Two days is likely realistic.....and two is at least better than zero.

It was the perfect weekend for it too.  Despite today's rain, the forecast for the upcoming weekend was looking downright ambrosial and I wouldn't have to make any big payments out of my next cheque which was downright sublime.  Of course, that's how it all appeared to me yesterday when I put in my overtime request.

Tonight I got home to learn that my washing machine had finally died on me.  Guess what I'll be spending my overtime pay on now?  It's all good though.  The contraption had lasted me for as long as I've owned the house, which was a great deal longer than it's dryer companion did.   And it gives me a good excuse to buy a nice front-end loader.  (When I was 20, owning a concert grand piano and a custom stereo system were, in my mind, symptomatic of having "arrived".  At 40+ that has now evidently changed to owning a front-end loading washing machine.  But they DO have lots of fancy lights and buttons and that can be cool, right?)

I was a bit tired and water-logged from work so I didn't have much energy to fret over it for any length of time.  But at least now that I need a new washer figured I might as well get a new dryer, a new microwave to replace the one over the stove that gave up the ghost a couple months ago and, hey why not?, a decent set of bookshelves for all the books I've accumulated over the past 6 years.

It's been awhile since I've bought any big ticket items for the chateau so I figure it's better to get it done all in one shot if I can do so rather than die a death from a thousand cuts.  (The province also releases their budget tomorrow which I will be following closely, even if I don't blog about it, so apparently they were also in on this one with the appliances.  I suspect I won't be happy with tomorrow's budget which is why I'll just mention it now as an aside and we'll just leave it at that.)

But as my parents would tell me, sometimes you have to spend money to make money and given that I've also read that the rental vacancy rates here are something along the lines of 32%(!)  I'll gladly take a few lumps to keep my tenants happy (and in clean clothes).

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