Saturday, April 2, 2016

Elephant in the Room

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year and change, its hard to ignore the fact that the price of oil tanked (no pun intended) and things are very different from the way the used to be.  Paradoxically, I've found work very busy the past few weeks due to plant outages and maintenance but I'm wary of the fact the despite the steady work it isn't all sunshine and roses.  November through most of January was actually very slow and I found myself getting anxious at times about the proverbial hammer falling.  Indeed I've seen a number of people who have decided to move on or who have been laid off by my own employer so far this year.  Two of my three tenants actually work for the same company I do and I count myself extremely fortunate that I haven't lost any tenants through all of this.  I'm not sure too many landlords here can say that.

Truth be told all the economic turmoil was one of the reasons prompting me to go on the little concert hiatus over the past several weeks.  Seeing gloom and doom all over the press and seeing how things slowed down locally, I felt it was a good time to recharge the batteries by rekindling old passions for    music.

In a moment of bravado, I joked at work that my job was lay-off proof because the lay-down yard I normally work occupies a strategic location such that it would be downright foolish for Suncor to do away with it.  Of course, the yard needs to be there, the guy in it not so much.  So it was a bit of a shock to find myself relocated to a different part of the plant a couple weeks ago as "my yard" wasn't going to be as busy for the shut-downs (maintenance work) going on at the moment.  In all likelihood, I'll find myself back in my old stomping grounds eventually, but that won't happen until sometime later this summer.  It just goes to shoe you that nowadays ANYTHING can happen and nothing is predictable, if it ever was to begin with.

At the moment, I just try to make the best of things.  There's no sense in fretting over something I have no control of.   I don't make make the money I used to a couple years ago but money has never been that important to me other than it relieves the stress of not being self-sufficient and it allows me to see the odd little concert.  I'm grateful that my stable rental situation has allowed me to offset less hours at work.  I certainly don't mind fewer hours as I find it much easier on both mind and body.  

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Angelina Pratt said...

I can't imagine how stressful this situation is for everyone. Most of the people I know are doing what you're doing. Enjoying the breaks and working hard when they are on a job.

The shut down for the next couple of months provides a breather for some knowing that at least they will have the hours.

What's next is anyone's guess.