Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Dramatic Start to the Fire Season

If you've followed the news today, you've likely heard about the forest fires threatening Fort McMurray.  In order to assure friends and family I thought I'd do up a post here to their minds at ease.  First off, I can say that I am perfectly safe.  The fire that occurred in town was actually the closer of the two fires to my house (perhaps 4 to 5 kilometres away) but that fire is now under control.  While it did lead to a closure of Highway 63 leading north out of town, between Thickwood and Timberlea,the highway has since been reopened.  I actually passed right by the area on my way home from workand while there was still some smoke and the forest looked a bit black, there were helicopters and crews visible working on hot spots.  

Unfortunately a much more serious fire is still active on the south side of town.  (This would be on the other side of the Athabasca from where I am).  I had caught wind of possible evacuations for  the Gregoire and Beacon Hill areas and this appears to be the case.  So while I'm relieved and thankful that my home is under no threat and I am mindful of those here who can't make that claim here tonight.

I'm back to work tomorrow so odds are my readers might hear of future news before I do  as I don't have a cell phone (ya, I know, I'm different).  But if anything changes I'll be sure to update when I get the opportunity to do so.  

In the meantime, here's how today's events looked from my neck of the woods.  Both photos were taken shortly after 9pm this evening from the parking lot of Westview School in Thickwood.

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