Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Back To Work.....sort of

The extended time off has had me itching to get back to work, not necessarily because I love it but mainly because my return will mean I'm truly back to my regular routine.  With the events of the past month, it will also return a much-needed sense of normalcy and I'm sure sure I'm not the only one here striving for that.  

For about a week now I've been checking the bus schedules for work religiously to see when they would be back up and running again.  This past Monday would normally have been the first scheduled day of a shift for me and so I was hoping to be back by then.  I checked for bus schedules for Suncor Sunday night and they were still cancelled so I resigned myself to a few more days off.  But lo and behold, when I checked again Monday morning, the regular route schedule was back up.  Well, almost regular, as the fire had led to bus routes to affected neighbourhoods being substantially altered.  Normally I head out the door at 0630 but by the time I checked for a schedule around 0800 it was to find that, while buses were running again to site, I was already too late to get to work for Monday.  No problem, I thought, I'll head it back on Tuesday and get back at it.

So off to work I went yesterday only to arrive and find some confusion as to why I was there.  Turns out that while I had been away, work schedules had changed and we were expected to wait until we were officially called back in to work by my employer.  Given that during May I had been to Anzac, Conklin, Lac La Biche, Spruce Grove, and Grande Prairie and had been difficult to get in touch with, the confusion was understandable.  I worked until noon and then was driven home by my supervisor.  Work was short a few people so I know they would have loved to have the extra body but with my employer being a contractor, it's Suncor that calls the shots.  I expect to get called back in the next few days and if all goes according to plan (does it ever?) I expect/hope to be back to work next Tuesday.  My schedule has apparently reverted back to 7 days on/7days off which I've worked in the past.  

At any rate, it was great to see some familiar faces.  Most of the people from m regular shift were back and of course there were many stories to be told.  Sadly, I know of two people from work who lost their places due to the fire.  (One was my supervisor, whom I had worked for for much of the past 5 years.  The suite he was renting immolated with flame so he took the opportunity to retire.)

And so I find myself at home for a few more days at least but I've been making good use of my time sprucing up the house and getting in touch with at least 2 of my tenants who will be back in the coming days.  Slowly, I"m getting back to work and life is returning to a new normal.

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