Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fire Damage

I found myself with some time on my hands earlier this week so I decided to take a little stroll.  Having more or less gotten the house into a decent state, I needed to get out to stretch my legs.  I wanted to investigate a section of brush along the road down by a nearby golf course to check out fire damage and maybe spot a few birds for my year list.

Along the way, I passed a fire break which had been created between the back side and Dickinsfield and the Birchwood Trail system.

While you might think a burned out forest is a dead and lifeless void, we still have a great deal of green areas around and they are bustling with birds.  Woodpeckers, in particular, thrive in these areas as they make ideal conditions for feeding.  I didn't see anything interesting in the little march I passed along Real Martin Drive though I did spot my first Pileated Woodpecker of the year and possibly a Hairy Woodpecker, though distance and light conditions made it difficult to tell for sure.

It was also along this stretch that you can find some of the hardest hit areas of my part of the city.  Wood Buffalo lies directly to the west of Thickwood separated by a few open areas (which were really the only natural barriers preventing the fire from spreading into my immediate area.  

Its a little disorienting but these photos show the extent of the damage in the vicinity of Real Martin Drive and I believe Warren Way and Webb Drive.

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