Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Territory

I started out the year with the goal of getting big numbers for my birding list.   One of my challenges is that, while I do tend to see a lot of birds, I tend to be a bit limited on the number of species I see.  There are a few reasons for this, some of which are under my control.  One of the things I started doing last year was moving around more and exploring other locations.  (Two trips to BC really upped my totals for last year.)  I also tend to be more active with my birding in the first half of the year than in the fall but I have plans to remedy that as well.  A few trips to Calgary really helped me to get a good jump with birding numbers so my year got off to a pretty good start.

I was really hoping to branch out this year and get some big numbers.  May tends to be a pretty big month for me but the evacuation really put a dent in to my birding plans (at least locally).  On a positive note, since I was on the move I was able to spot my first Bald Eagle which was a nice treat.

I had planned a trip to Calgary for the day after the evacuation to see a concert and explore a bird sanctuary which of course didn't happen.  Fortunately, I should be able to remedy this a little later on. As it turned out, the day I returned to town was originally planned to be a travel day for me as well.....except I was expecting to be returning from a three day birding trip in Banff.  The loss of that trip stung a bit as I had planned it all out back in February but there will be other times, I'm sure.  

Even with the loss of these two trips, I've still managed to see a few new species as well as ones I hadn't seen before AND I've been able to tie the number of species I saw during all of last year.  

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