Saturday, July 30, 2016

Borealis Park and The Snye

For the second part of yesterday's trip, I left the Snye for a few minutes to take a look at a small pond at Borealis Park.  It was my first time here in quite awhile and usually I can find something of interest swimming around....more grebes and common goldeneye as it turned out.

A good reminder that yesterday's retreat  from the far side of the Snye was a good idea.

Once back to the Snye, I didn't spend too much time poking around other than to spend several minutes playing hide-and-seek with a spotted sandpiper.

At the far end is a rather nice sandy area that is well-used by fishermen and canoeists.  Some threatening clouds which had been very slowly moving over us through the afternoon held off with any rain though it did make my photos turn out darker than I would have liked.

The Clearwater River looking downstream...

...and upstream...

One last photo of the Clearwater with a few residing ripples left by a jet ski that had passed by a few moments earlier.

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