Monday, August 1, 2016


As if dealing with the aftermath of the largest civil evacuation in Alberta history wasn't  enough,  parts of the city are now dealing with the aftermath of yesterday's deluge of rain.  I suspected it was going to be an unusual day when I was woken up early yesterday morning by some pretty intense thunder and lightening.  

In a span of about 2 hours the city reportedly received something in the neighbourhood of 85mm of rain and I found myself nervously checking my basement for signs of water throughout the course of the day.  My side yard resembled a small lake at one point as did one patch on my neighbour's front lawn but fortunately the rain soaked right in to the ground and was pretty much back to normal by day's end.  

Other parts of town didn't fair as well though and  Gregoire and downtown  did experience some flooding.  This is the worst we've had since the 2013 flood which did some significant damage to parts of downtown.  One of those areas hardest hit was our heritage park which after being closed for three years for repairs is actually scheduled to finally reopen tomorrow.  I'm hoping to get down there to pay a long overdue visit on my next set of days off.  I held my breath as I checked their Facebook page for news that it hadn't been hit again and all indications are that it is okay.

Here a few photos of Gregoire that I gleaned off of social media.

I really do feel for those who have come back from May's forest fire who are now dealing with the wrath of Mother Nature yet again.  It seems as if this community just can't catch a break.  If I do know one thing though, it's that this is a very resilient and determined community.  

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