Tuesday, November 15, 2016


After a series of delays, many of which brought on by the May fire, I was finally able to get down to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in Calgary this past weekend.  This place had long been on my radar. and while I doubted I would see anything new for my year list at least I got there, which was just fine with me.  While it was quite overcast, it didn't rain and the temperature was a balmy 12C so I wasn't about to complain.

I should add as well that I was using a new camera I had picked up that morning (waiting for the battery to charge in my hotel room was the longest 2 hours in my life).  I brought an old zoom lens with me to make sure it would fit the new camera which it did but it made for a few challenges since I wasn't used to it.  The lighting also wasn't the greatest but at least I had an opportunity to see the place and 'm sure I'll have plenty of time to learn all my camera's bells and whistles so it was a start.

Below is Colonel Walker House, the original home named after a former NWMP office and rancher whose property later became the sanctuary.

The next couple shots are along the bank of the Bow River which forms part of the eastern boundary. Apart from the traffic on the nearby Deerfoot Trail, the place was great urban respite and for the next hour I had the place pretty much to myself.

No beavers but I did eventually glimpse a few common mergansers off in the distance.

One things I had hoped to see were wood ducks, which had been introduced in to the sanctuary.  They would have made a nice last addition to my year list.  Alas, it wasn't to be though there were plenty of other things to see that day.

It's a bit dark but I did manage to get a half decent shot of a mallard as it swam by.

Lots of deadfall around, no doubt due to the 2013 flooding.

A curious chickadee obliged my by sitting still long enough for a decent shot.

And to round things off, a hairy woodpecker.

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